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At Oil Test we customise our service to meet the needs and budgets of our clients.
 Oil Analysis is the most cost efficient diagnostic tool available to Industry. Call us on +61 2 6571-1444

Routine Oil Analysis

Our efficient and highly automated laboratory is designed to generate and report data quickly to minimise the time taken to provide information to our clients. Laboratory turnaround times are typically around 4-6 hours with a guaranteed maximum turnaround of 24 hours from receipt of samples.

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Future of Hunter Valley coal mining

Inside Singleton’s Diggers club, Hunter Valley residents are debating the future of the world’s coal industry. But as some countries signal a move away from coal, miners cap production and the industry remains almost permanently under the political spotlight, there is concern here that the mining industry in the Hunter is at the crossroads. Those fears have come despite […]

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Oil Testing Analysis Services NSW

Oil analysis. Why waste your time? At $20 to $40 a shot depending on the degree of testing, you could just change the oil and be just as well off, right? Well, not exactly. Even if you were using conventional petroleum oil and could get your oil changed for $20, you might still want to […]

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