Oil & Wear Debris Analysis

The Oil Test online result viewing systemBenefits of Oil Analysis

At Oil Test we customise our service to meet the needs and budgets of our clients. For that reason we have four basic approaches to reducing our clients maintenance budgets through proactive oil based machine condition monitoring programmes.

Condition Based

This is our basic program that gives the customer information on the current condition of the fluid and the machine. There is enough information given to alert the customer to potential wear problems as well as contamination from fuel, water, dirt, soot, coolant, grease etc.
Extended Drain – This program includes all of the tests from the Condition Based program as well as additional tests needed to monitor fluid properties to determine if fluid is suitable for continued use.


This program includes all of the tests from the Condition Based program, the Extended Drain program as well as particle data from either Optical or Laser Particle Counts and/or FPA. This program gives the customer the information needed to spot problems in their very early stages. This gives the customer the time needed to plan specific corrective maintenance without unscheduled downtime or worse, downtime due to failure.


This program includes all of the testing from the above programs as well as Wear Debris Analysis. With this program we can not only quantify wear conditions we can qualify the wear as well. This information identifies the types of particles being generated such as Rubbing Wear, Cutting Wear, Laminar Wear, Spalling Wear, Spheres, Corrosive Wear, Fibrous particles, Oxides (Black Ferrous & Red Oxides (Rust)). By qualifying the wear we can be even more specific in our recommendations.

When these programs are used effectively, the customer benefits are enormous. Reduced maintenance costs, reduced downtime, increased production, increased asset profitability. In short, the return on investment can be as little as 2-1 to as much as 37 – 1. Oil Analysis is the most cost efficient diagnostic tool available to Industry. When used in conjunction with other Condition Monitoring services such as Vibration Analysis, Thermography and Reliability program implementation, the savings can be staggering.

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