Software Systems

Oil Test is pleased to introduce its “Laboratory Information Management System”, eMDRe. With 38 years collective experience in the condition monitoring and maintenance management business, the founders of Oil Test have designed and created a state of the art reporting environment for oil sample analysis and machine condition monitoring.
Robust database backend support, MS-SQL Server, or Pervasive SQL Server or Pervasive SQL Workgroup.

Multi-user environment – multiple users can access the system at any one given time, greatly speeding up the analysis and reporting cycle.

eMDRe can be installed on the following Operating Systems;

  • Windows 95 \ 98 \ Me
  • Windows NT4.0 \ 2000 \ XP
  • Linux Server can be configured to house data files
  • Automatic data input from a variety of analytical equipment including;
  • Varian – ICP Spectrometer
  • Baird – AE Spectrometer
  • Spectro – Oil M Spectrometer
  • Nicolet – Avatar FTIR Spectrometer
  • PAMAS – IR Particle Counter
  • HIAC – Particle Analyser
  • Cannon – Viscometer
  • Houlion – Viscometer
  • PSL – Viscometer
  • Analex – PQL Ferrous Debris Meter

Import routines can be written for any device that provides an ASCII text output or data file.

Multiple sets of “Limits” available to evaluate results
Statistical generation of “Limits” based on location, equipment and compartment types. Standard deviations are definable to suit the client’s condition monitoring program and conditions.

  • Multiple Reporting Facilities;
  • Hard Copy – Full colour Summary and analysis reports
  • Faxed – Summary and analysis reports
  • E-mail – Full colour Adobe Acrobat or HTML reports

Data Files – QM – Quick Maintenance, CPM, Dingo Fleetoil, Dingo Lube Explorer or Dingo Dynamic File Format (DDF), CSi Oilview, and Entek Odyssey. We can export our analysis data into any file format for automatic pickup by your maintenance management or condition monitoring software.

Web – Internet based Trending \ Reporting – Dingo Lubeguy, or Oil Test Web eMDRe.

Oil View 2002 – Oil Tests complementary Access result trending database available to all Oil Test clients. This integrated package stores oil analysis data, prints bottle labels and can store maintenance events such as component rebuilds, oil changes and notes which are automatically forwarded back to the Oil Test Laboratory for use in analysing your equipment.

Windows 95 \ 98 \ Me \ NT4 \ 2000 \ XP
Office 97 \ 2000 \ XP versions available

Custom Software Solutions

At Oil Test we have created carpet quotation management, laboratory management systems, reporting tools and Maintenance Management systems for our clients in Australia, America and in Indonesia. We can even develop a custom solution for any business need.