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Oil analysis. Why waste your time? At $20 to $40 a shot depending on the degree of testing, you could just change the oil and be just as well off, right?

Well, not exactly. Even if you were using conventional petroleum oil and could get your oil changed for $20, you might still want to consider oil analysis. One thing about oil analysis that many seem to forget is that it doesn’t just tell you about your oil.

It’s true that oil analysis provides a great deal of information about the oil in a vehicle or machine, but it is equally true that oil analysis provides just as much information about the condition of it’s engine or other oil filled compartments and what sort of repairs may be necessary in the near future.

It may even provide enough information soon enough to detect a serious impending malfunction. This might help you to avoid having to pay for the repairs altogether (or at least lessen the final cost). Of course, this would depend upon the nature of the impending problem.

This is why so many mining companies and fleets rely so heavily on oil analysis. It helps them predict necessary repairs and avoid others which might be very costly. And, yes, it also helps them determine if they need to change their oil.

Studies in the United States, Great Britain and Australia have proven the worth of Oil Analysis with cost to savings ratios of up to 1:37 consistently being achieved. In the long run an effective oil analysis program will pay for itself many times over – so what are you waiting for?

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